Acrylic Nails

Regular Full Set  

White Tip Regular Full Set  

Pink & White (Solar Nail) Full Set  

Solar Full Color  

Full Set with Gel Nail  

Regular Refill  

Refill with Pink Powder  

Refill with Pink and White  

Refill with Change Solar Color  

Refill with Gel Nails  

Dipping Powder

Full Set (Full Color)  

Pink and White SNS Dip  

Toe Nails Cut & Finger Nails Cut  

Gel Nail (Shellac)

French Gel Nail  

Full Color  

Chrome Nail Powder

Full Set with Gel + Chrome Nail Powder  

Full Set with Solar Color + Chrome Nail Powder  

Fill with Gel + Chrome  

Fill with Solar Color + Chrome  


French Tip  

Free Hand Design  

Stamp Design  




Full Face  


Bikini Wax  


Eyelash Extensions

Flare (by group)  

Individual Single One  

Spa Pedicure


Volcano Collagen + Organic + 5 Step Spa+ hot stone massage with oil...

Spa Pedicure  

Nails cut + cuticle cut + lotion massage (regular)

Sugar Crub Spa  

Nails cut + cuticle cut + lotion massage with sugar + oil

Herbs Natural Spa Deluxe  

Hot towel, sugar scrub, oil massage, lotion, nails cut, cuticle cut.

Kid Service

Kid Pedicure  

Kid Manicure  

Kid Gel Nails